Introducing the smARHT™ Platform

The world’s first complete end-to-end solution for the creation, delivery and monetization of human holograms, aka HumaGrams™.  Through the smARHT Platform we can deliver HumaGrams in real-time to any event anywhere in the world through the public internet.

This robust technology stack consists of:

HumaGrams    smARHT Displays   ARHT Engine


Design and create living, deceased and fictional human holograms (digital humans). Live or pre-recorded, all our HumaGrams interact with their viewers.

smARHT Display Technologies


3D Holographic smARHT Stages

Easy to use holo-stages with our patented multi-plane display (MPD) technology.

These kits that are scalable, repeatable and transportable holo-stages. Our kit’s that can setup in an event space (of any size – Arena to Window display) in 2 -4 hours with one or two people.  Our holo-stages are a fraction of the cost of a Pepper’s Ghost stage.



Patented 3D TV’s (without the need for special glasses).

Live or pre-coded HumaGrams as a form of digital signage with touch screen features; this format will provide massive market potential into retail and other signage networks as we scale.


VR/AR Headsets

We are able to beam our HumaGrams into VR/AR smARHT Events.  This market will grow and scale quickly through 2017 – 2020.


Every Mobile Device

All of our HumaGrams and related MPD content can be flattened (2D) and delivered to a standard mobile device – phone, tablet, computer, TV, etc.


The ARHT Engine

Is the little magic box that beams the best in the world to the rest of the world. The technology of the engine makes possible:

  • HumaGram delivered via smARHT STREAM for real-time, two delivery through the public internet.
  • Programmatic delivery of all content – live or pre-recorded, based on viewer and attendee engagement
  • Scalable to a global level for distribution and mass deployment with our cloud service portal for all content and device IP management
  • Open API for proximity based mobile marketing tools – Beacons, coupons etc.

ARHT Analytics – Comprehensive Data capture and reporting for viewer and attendee

ARHT™ and HumaGram™ are registered trademarks and property of ARHT Media Inc. Legal