Ray Kurzweil Holoported to HIGH-TECH NATION Forum

On April 21, 2018, ARHT Media holoported Ray Kurzweil, the Head of Engineering at Google LLC, from Boston, United States to the HIGH-TECH NATION forum in Minsk, Belarus.

Mr. Kurzweil was live beamed into the forum for a 90-minute keynote address using ARHT Media’s Holographic Telepresence technology in front of over 3,000 attendees in real-time. The audience in Minsk experienced Kurzweil as a hologram on stage, and his keynote speech was followed by a live Q&A session with the audience that was facilitated by our dynamic broadcast technology that offers little to no latency in transmission.

In his speech, Ray Kurzweil discussed the potential of young entrepreneurs to create successful information technology startups that turn into large, successful companies like Google. Kurzweil argues that the success in global market depends on investment in education, business sector development, access to information resources, and transparency. Kurzweil predicts that the expansion of information technology will improve global intelligence, life expectancy, and the environment through the extended use of alternative energy.


Watch a Clip from Kurzweil’s Keynote Address


More Images From The Event


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