Larry King Interviewed On Australian Radio About Working With ARHT Media

TV legend Larry King spoke with 3AW’s Ross and John, to promote ARHT Media’s HumaGrams, as well as our deployment of Tony Robbins HumaGram in Melbourne Australia.  Tony Robins, one of the world’s best known success coaches will deliver a seminar in Melbourne as a HumaGram, appearing live and in 3D from Miami.

Mr King said the HumaGrams would be a major development for the entertainment industry.

“If I’m booked for a speech in Australia you can have me without having to fly me there. I can be there via this hologram. I think it’s a big future in entertainment, people can die and still perform.”

Success Resources’ five-day “Business Mastery” event is in Melbourne from this Saturday June 20 and features business strategist Tony Robbins as a Humagram, a state-of-the-art interactive 3D Human Hologram.

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