Jeffery Gundlach appears as a HumaGram at the Brinker Capital Advisor Council 2017

It was a busy few weeks for ARHT Media with our team delivering a number of events lately, including our third event with ‘Bond King’ Jeffery Gundlach who spoke to the audience via HumaGram™ at the 2017 Brinker Capital Advisor Council on October 26th, 2017 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mr.Gundlach spoke about current financial market trends and the US Central Bank’s policy in terms of how it will impact financial portfolios.

This was another successful deployment with Jeffery Gundlach, who sees a great benefit to using our Augmented Reality Holographic Telepresence technology to save time and costs associated with travelling.

By reducing the time he spends travelling, Mr Gundlach is able to focus more on his main priority of managing his clients’ portfolios, while still being able to appear for important speaking opportunities virtually anywhere as a HumaGram™.

Using this technology we don’t have to travel so much anymore… I’m glad this technology works, it allows me to go back to work managing my client’s money rather than travelling…
– Jeffery Gundlach


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