Holograms Go To School: ARHT Media featured in Tech & Learning


TechLearningAs a result of our recent activation of Ron Clark’s HumaGram™ at the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District conference, ARHT Media’s technology was profiled in an article on the blog Tech & Learning.

The article highlights how our Augmented Reality Holographic Technology can be used in education for applications “including:

  • Professional development: Teachers no longer need to leave school for training. Trainers can present from a central location and “beam” their HumaGrams into schools across the district and beyond. They can interact with students throughout the training.
  • Conferences: No more worrying about covering Sir Ken’s T&E – just beam in his HumaGram for a compelling interactive presentation.
  • College and career prep: Schools can partner with high-tech engineers at NASA or Lockhead Martin and invite these experts to beam in to teach high school students the real-world work skills their companies are seeking. Because these experts won’t have to travel, they could go beyond one-day guest appearances, even offering complete interactive classes to multiple classroom simultaneously and in real time.
  • Offer access to specialty teachers: Like the corporate experts, schools can share expert teachers via hologram without losing the interactive engagement of an on-site teacher.
  • Take virtual field trips further: Students can chat with a holograms of, say, archeologists leading excavations from all over the world.”

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