Hollywood Brings Holograms to Life in Real Time

KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro recently stopped by our studios to check out our HumaGram technology and see first hand how we’re changing the game, bringing the most lifelike digital representations of people to stages around the globe for speaking engagements without having them have to physically be there.  DeMuro goes on to say, “What’s neat about their technology is that it is instantaneous – basically, imagine a world where a famous person can stay in their city yet entertain or educate a group thousands of miles away in real time.”

DeMuro adds, “ARHT Media is teaming up with a live events company called Success Resources Group to beam influential speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins to audiences around the world with uncanny realism. The virtual presenters aren’t meant to fool audiences, but expand the reach of shows to encompass any location in the world with a stage and a fast internet connection.”

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