ARHT Media Showcase Holographic Telepresence Technology At The 2017 Ole Executive Summit

On Wednesday, June 7th, 2017, ARHT Media was invited by Ole, the world’s fastest growing music rights management company, to showcase our Holographic Telepresence technology at the 2017 Ole Executive Summit in Toronto.  Hosted by Ole’s Chairman & CEO Robert Ott, the summit brought together top executives from the company’s umbrella to learn about overall trends in the music & entertainment industry, which also included a session on innovations in technology.  During the session, ARHT’s CEO Paul Duffy beamed into the boardroom to speak to attendees about the company’s holographic technology and the potential for its applications in the entertainment industry.

With the help of our Holographic Telepresence platform, entertainers can bean in as live holograms for anything from a press conference to a concert in front of thousands.  Entertainers can appear in virtually any location without physically being there and speak and interact with the audience in real-time.


Images From The Event

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