ARHT Media Holo-Port’s Dashan to China

On February 27th 2016, ARHT Media teamed up with NetDragon in Fuzhou, China to help launch our strategic partnership to bring our Augmented Reality Holographic Technology to China and the Asian continent – by taking part in a press event to launch China’s first Virtual Reality (VR) Industry base, slated to help grow the VR sector in China and help contribute to a global market that has the potential to grow to upwards of $150 Billion by 2020.

To introduce our technology to the Government and people of Fuzhou, ARHT Media Holo-Ported Performer Dashan live from our studios in Los Angeles, USA to a conference room in Fuzhou, China for the press event with NetDragon.


Mark Rowswell, AKA Dashan, has been called “the most famous foreigner in China”, where he has worked as a media personality and cultural ambassador for over 25 years.  Dashan appeared in real-time and was able to fully interact with audiences in China, while being all the way on the other side of the world in the United States.


Dr. Simon Leung, Vice Chairman of NetDragon, and also a new addition to our Board of Advisors helped moderate the event and introduce our technology, as he spoke to Dashan’s HumaGram.  After the live Holo-Port, Dr. Leung also did a Q & A with the attendants, and the large amount of media that came out to see our HumaGrams and technology in action.


As we continue to bring the “best in the world to the rest of the world,” with the help of NetDragon we look forward to even more growth and penetration within the Asian market and to aggressively tackle the rapidly growing global industry of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

We would also like to thank out teams in China and the USA for all that they contributed to making this event a success!         ARHT_Medi_NetDragon9ARHT_Medi_NetDragon8

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