ARHT Media Holo-Ports actress Michelle Rodriguez & Ninja Warrior Travis Brewer to join a panel hosted by Deepak Chopra at the 2017 Lake Nona Impact Forum

On February 16th, 2017, ARHT Media alongside the Health and Wellness platform Jiyo teamed up to holo-port actress Michelle Rodriguez & Ninja Warrior Travis Brewer from Los Angeles to the 2017 Lake Nona Impact Forum in Orlando.  The two personalities appeared as live HumaGrams and joined a panel of speakers to discuss the “Internet of Wellbeing,” moderated by Deepak Chopra.

The Lake Nona Impact Forum is a three-day symposium where 250 of the nation’s top CEOs, healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators, government officials and other thought-leaders discuss and develop solutions to improve health, wellness and sustainable living throughout the world.


The Future of Wellbeing and The Internet of WellbeingLive from the Lake Nona Impact Forum, Deepak Chopra creates a roadmap for “higher health,” based on the latest findings in both mainstream and alternative medicine.

Then join an exploration of the advances in technology that will impact personal transformation and societal wellbeing with:
Dr. James Mault, Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Qualcomm
Ryan Olohan, National Industry Director, Healthcare, Google
Marc Leibowitz, Global Head, Digital & Connected Health, Johnson & Johnson
Prakash Venkatraman, Executive Development, LinkedIn
Poonacha Machaiah , Co-Founder & CEO, Jiyo
Simon MacGibbon, Co-Founder & Partner, BCG Digital Ventures

And live via #humagram from Los Angeles with ARHT Media:
Michelle Rodriguez, American actress and screenwriter
Travis Brewer, Ninja Warrior


Posted by Lake Nona Institute on Thursday, February 16, 2017

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