ARHT Media Brings The Holographic Future With Stephen Hawking Hologram At Future Con

We recently beamed a hologram of internationally-recognized, theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking to the 2017 Future Con, in partnership with the events company Leftfield Media.

Future Con is a three-day science, technology, and entertainment celebration that took place inside Awesome Con during June 16th – 18th, 2017 in Washington DC. Future Con highlighted the intersection of science, technology, and science fiction inside DC’s largest pop culture event. The event was kicked offed by Colonel Chris Hadfield, who hosted a special edition of StarTalk Live!, an award-winning talk show bridging the intersection between pop culture and science with humor and passion.

During the panel discussion, and to the gasps of many in the audience, the Professor Hawking’s hologram made a surprise visit to the stage to speak on topics ranging from alien life, the nature of reality and even nuclear technology. Of most interest was Professor Hawking’s opinion that any alien life we do encounter will likely be artificial, as only robots with artificial intelligence are far better equipped that biological life to survive the long duration and radiation damage of interstellar space travel.


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