ARHT Media bring its first HumaGram™, Vincent, to Canadian stores

We were approached by the creative team at Harry Rosen – one of Canada’s premier men’s retailers, to create their very own HumaGram™ for the holiday season.


While their windows and displays have always generated a lot of interest with customers during the holiday season, they wanted to add a fresh layer to their 2014 display outside the Toronto flagship store and saw our HumaGram™ technology as the perfect way.

Together our teams created Vincent. – a clever and photo realistic proximity marketing HumaGram™ that engages shoppers using ARHT™ – our Augmented Reality Holographic Technology.

Vincent offers up helpful gift-giving suggestions and encourages customers to come in store. He is also capable of delivering messages about a particular product geared towards a shopper’s level of interest, measured by how long they stand by the window.

This is our first step in introducing our exciting technology platform to retailers worldwide, and in just three short weeks, over 113,000 people have walked by Vincent with one in every four stopping to engage him.

ARHT™ and HumaGram™ are registered trademarks and property of ARHT Media Inc. Legal